How to make it on the best EMR systems list

You’re a healthcare software developer who wants to be included in the finest EMR Systems list. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve developed a list of the most significant characteristics that healthcare businesses evaluate when selecting a solution to meet their objectives.

EMR Systems list – evaluation criteria

As a result of the emergence of COVID-19, healthcare personnel worldwide were thrust into the battle against the coronavirus. Healthcare professionals are educated to provide treatment for patients and to enhance their own well-being. This new reality provided the right context for the adoption of automation solutions, at large, in the healthcare industry.

Inevitably, the rise of electronic medical records (EMRs) has transformed the healthcare business. In the US, for example, approximately 28% of hospitals scanned all patient data in 2012, while the remaining 72% relied on in-house staff to do this work. However, according to the most recent statistics, 89% of doctors are currently utilising an EMR/EHR system. More than 81% of hospitals use EMR/EHR systems to keep tabs on patient safety, 68% to identify high-risk patients, and 67% to generate personalised profiles for healthcare providers. This effect has been intensified by the pandemic, as more and more clinics and hospitals, all around the world, are investing funds in EMR  technology.

Epic and Cerner continue to be the dominant players in the EMR market, although smaller and more niche manufacturers may still compete. As they carve out a niche for health IT businesses, they tend to concentrate on specific issues and requirements, such as the following. 

Less administrative tasks

It is estimated that doctors spend up to 15.6 hours a week on manual paperwork and administrative tasks. A doctor’s time and effort are devoted to non-health-related chores rather than patient care. Such a burden may be reduced owing to EMR systems. Additionally, these technologies increase patient-physician communication and clinical efficiency by as much as 3.8 hours per physician each week. So, if you want to enter the EMR systems list of best providers, you should definitely develop a solution that unburdens doctors from repetitive and boring administrative tasks.

Simplified Business Processes will get you on the EMR System list

You need to develop rules to guarantee that medical procedures function well. Maintaining electronic medical records (EMRs) is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail. It includes appointment scheduling, invoicing, and data entry. Using this method, you make it easy for your employees to quickly handle problems. To have a deeper grasp of the program, they may also consult files.

Optimized Backup System

Mistakes may be made by even the most advanced of technologies. Think about what it would be like if all of your patients’ medical records were lost. Confidential medical information is entrusted to you by your patients. Data recovery strategies are critical in this situation. You can keep all your data offline using EMR systems. In this way, you may access information at any time and from any location. This factor is one of the most important when researchers create an EMR System list of best practitioners.

User-friendly Patient Portal

EMR packages for patient portals are geared at improving the patient experience as well as the experience of medical providers. Make it so that people can book appointments, communicate with doctors, seek refills, and look at test results online. With the surge of Covid-19 instances, patients are choosing virtual appointments over real ones. 58% of medical professionals use mobile-optimized patient portals, according to a study by HIMSS.

Data Processing Modules

EMR systems aid in the secure storage of patient medical data. It enables you to take notes during patient consultations. Documents and photographs may be scanned and uploaded, EKG data can be gathered and dictations can be recorded. Data entry systems are essential if you want to arrange a large amount of data and get a comprehensive picture of your patients’ health.

HTTS on the European EMR Systems list

On the European EMR Systems list, HTTS is honoured to be one of the newest software vendors in the healthcare market. HTTS was able to reach this objective due to its established competence in designing tailored solutions that meet the demands of a healthcare firm, exceptional customer service, and continual investment in development, which spans more than 10 years and 15 countries. Let’s take your company to the next level with healthcare automation, today! Request our demo for EMR Systems list for healthcare.

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