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What is wisepharm

wisepharm is a software solution designed and developed with the help of business people and pharmacists, specifically for the management of pharmacies and pharmacy chains, regardless of their geographical area and local legislation regulating the sale of medicines. 

How wisepharm works

wisepharm manages the entire activity of a pharmacy or pharmacy chain using two modules: Head Office and Pharmacies.

The Head Office module is designed to give you an overview and ensure control of the activity in the head office and within the pharmacy chain. It allows you to manage contracts, suppliers, products you market and sales prices. In addition, it coordinates and updates, in real time, the information and workflow of individual units.

The Pharmacies module operates in parallel with the Head Office module, allowing the exchange of information between individual units and the head office. In addition, it can be used to manage the workflow of these units. The Pharmacies module manages the current activity in your pharmacies and includes aspects such as orders sent, invoices issued, prescriptions filled, stocks available and needed, as well as various working protocols.

wisepharm benefits for patients

wisepharm combines cutting-edge technology and pharmaceutical science to help pharmacists recommend the right medicines for a patient’s medical and medication history. If the patients are already taking a certain treatment, wisepharm takes into account drug interactions to provides recommendations and may suggest related products.

All these options maximize the chances of the patient receiving the right medicines, decrease the likelihood of side effects and help the pharmacist build a trust-based relationship with the patient.

Benefits of wisepharm for pharmacists

The same mechanisms that can help pharmacists recommend the right drugs for the patient can help your business increase its sales.

When the pharmacist searches for products in the software by active ingredients, they can be filtered by selling price, margin, shelf life and available stock. In addition, wisepharm can provide the pharmacist with other related products that he/she can recommend to the patient, to help with cross-sale.

Manages inventories and reduces costs 

wisepharm provides you with an overview of the cashflows and stocks of the individual unit, as well as those managed directly by the head office. In this way you can create promotions for products that are reaching their expiry date and reduce the losses that can occur after the goods have been received.

wisepharm enables the centralized management of suppliers and their products and the optimization of inventory by redistributing it between different work units. In addition, this software solution makes it easy to place online orders with partners and provides order suggestions tailored to your needs.


Keeps up with the competition

The pharmaceutical market is very dynamic and in order to be successful you need to be able to motivate your employees, be aware of customer needs and wants, and keep an eye on the evolution of competitors. Fortunately, wisepharm helps you do just that, with its two modules. With this software solution you can track employee activity and offer performance-based bonuses; attract new customers, and customize pricing depending on their needs. 

wisepharm benefits

Manages the entire activity of a pharmacy or a chain of pharmacies.

Software designed and developed together with business people and pharmacists.

It helps pharmacists to recommend the right medication for each patient.

Helps increase sales through upsell and cross-sell.

It provides an overview of the cash flows and stocks of the individual unit, but also of those managed directly by the central offices.

It facilitates the placement of online orders to partners and offers personalized order suggestions to your needs.

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