Complete healthcare solutions

HTSS provides you with a complete portfolio of software solutions for your healthcare business (pharmacies, pharmaceuticals distribution, medical clinics and hospitals, family practices or specialists, etc.).

Our products are designed with the help of healthcare professionals to ensure we provide your team with all the functionality they need and an intuitive user experience.

The preferred partner of the healthcare industry

The HTSS family of solutions helps healthcare and medical companies grow their business through technology. Our software products help you streamline complex workflows such as team management, supply of medical products, employee training, telemedicine, telepharmacy, and more.

We develop each of our solutions to be the best in its particular segment, and together they form an ecosystem designed to give you everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Working together for the wellbeing of patients

The mission of the HTSS team is to provide quality software solutions to healthcare and medical professionals. This enables patients all over the world to enjoy better quality of life and top-notch healthcare. 

We offer the best IT&C solutions with the help of our partners


The quality of our services is born from the way we think and work every day. The coherence of our principles and actions is proven by the certifications we hold.

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