What is Healthcare IT?

Healthcare IT, or health IT, is about bringing IT benefits into the healthcare field. Healthcare IT solutions allow healthcare professionals to access patients’ medical history in seconds and help them to better manage the medical act. But the benefits of health information technology are even more numerous than that. 

IT healthcare is a needful help for today’s healthcare challenges. It involves data, system integration processes and technologies.

Healthcare IT solutions provide professionals the ability to better manage each patient’s medical journey, avoiding processing errors, improving the administrative efficiency and expanding the accuracy of the healthcare process, while keeping a good management and security of personal data privacy. 

Patients and healthcare professionals: the main beneficiary of the healthcare IT features

Healthcare IT implementation translates in a better management of healthcare resources, reducing spendings and time waste. Health information technology allows patients to benefit from valuable second opinion advice with no distance limitations. 

Telemedicine is another feature of Health information technology implementation that allows patients and physicians to connect beyond borders. IT healthcare is also a great learning tool that helps medical professionals to improve their knowledge by accessing the latest scientific reports and study releases.  

Better healthcare IT data management results in great development opportunities

Healthcare IT is the solution for better time data and technology management. It allows the healthcare industry to grow in order to provide more people access to quality and more effective curing procedures. Health IT allows specialists the access to big data as a valuable resource for research and new treatments developments. 

Healthcare IT – a real help in the pandemic context

While IT healthcare is a common necessity in today’s medical system it has proven its utility once again during the pandemic challenging period. Thanks to Health Information Technology, physicians succeed in giving patients valuable advice via tele consultancies. Healthcare IT solutions offer patients the opportunity to benefit from a physician consultation in their home comfort, sometimes hundreds kilometers away from the doctor’s office. 

IT Healthcare covers the whole healthcare universe 

Indeed, Health Information Technology is not only about clinics, patients and physicians. IT healthcare solutions involve all the healthcare spectrum: pharmaceutic, medical, telemedicine and medical learning solutions. By using IT Healthcare solutions, the need for better management in health industry management becomes a reality.  

A checklist for choosing the best IT healthcare solution for each type of medical business 

Whether we are speaking about an individual medical office or a chain of clinics or pharmacies, a good healthcare solution is the one that adapts to the specificity of each business. It should be able to manage and process all types of medical and administrative data from patients’ medical history to imagistic and laboratory tests records and from the physicians and staff schedule planning to all financial and operational activity.  

Choosing the right IT healthcare solution for your medical business

Since many healthcare IT solutions and providers are available on the IT market, you have to keep in mind that the best solutions are the ones that perfectly match your business needs. Another important consideration is the provider’s expertise.

HTSS, the IT healthcare preferred provider of the industry

For 10 years, HTSS successfully implemented healthcare IT solutions that helped the whole healthcare industry grow. HTSS developed an integrated ecosystem of healthcare IT software solutions as a response to the healthcare partners needs. HTSS IT healthcare solutions adapt to each healthcare business specificity. 

HTSS healthcare IT solutions include software solutions for the healthcare industry including clinics, pharmacies and learning institutions. HTSS health IT software solutions are designed to adapt to each business specificity and to respond to all client’s demands.  

Whether you are a professional or you own a business in the healthcare industry, you can benefit from one of HTSS professional solutions for managing multiple business challenges from the different geographical areas to the specific local regulations:


A software for the pharmaceutical industry that helps professionals and business people that activate in this field to better plan and organize their activity.


The software solution for the medical field that includes an app that helps healthcare professionals to better manage their business challenges whether we are speaking about individual practitioners, clinics or hospitals. 


A health care IT solution that provides clinics, hospitals and practitioners all the necessary tools for implementing telemedicine services


An e-learning platform that allows professionals’ knowledge to grow constantly.

HTSS healthcare IT solutions meet all the needs of the professionals activating in the healthcare field. They can be customized on client’s specific requests. 

In order to find out more about HTSS IT healthcare products you can ask for a personalized offer. Request your offer and find out how HTSS healthcare IT solutions can make your business better perform!

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