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HTSS specialists provide services to the highest standards in the field that address issues such as the digital infrastructure of your business; developing customization and maintenance of applications in our catalog and cloud services.

What is Infrastructure?

HTSS approaches the success of your business from a digital perspective, providing software solutions and services for all its needs and the challenges it faces. We offer subscription-based infrastructure services, as well as implementation, maintenance and outsourcing services, software services including application development, data migration services, and more.

The IT infrastructure services we offer are based on our extensive understanding of our customers’ requirements and the latest technologies available on the market. We work with an extensive network of partners and customers to constantly expand and improve our product portfolio.


Complete services for your projects and your business

HTSS specialists offer services at the highest industry standards, covering aspects such as the digital infrastructure of your business, the development, customization and maintenance of the applications in our catalog, as well as cloud services.

Datacenter Solutions

HTSS uses two mid-sized data centers that cover all of our customers’ needs in terms of business applications. Over the past few years, our experience has enabled us to implement industry-specific best practices related to the planning, procurement, deployment and operation of critical datacenter platforms.

Our teams of specialists have worked collaboratively on large datacenter design projects, for clients in the public and private sectors. The strategic partnerships that we have entered into with some of the largest manufacturers in the technology market also allow us to adapt to all the challenges presented by your operations.

Step-by-step advisory services

HTSS provides complete services for your business starting from the design, customization and implementation of your chosen software solutions, the installation of the necessary equipment in datacenters and database management.

Our specialists also provide you with the necessary advisory services, which enable you to choose the right range of equipment depending on your performance requirements. We provide support at every stage of planning

Data security

We work with leading IT security companies to ensure the security of our data and of our customers’ information. In addition, HTSS provides back-up platforms, disaster recovery solutions and even business continuity solutions, so you can resume your activity even in unexpected circumstances.

All facilities in one solution

End-to-end solutions for all your projects.

Get real-time solutions in case of unpredicted situations.

Services based on a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and of the latest technologies available on the market.

We offer the necessary advice to choose the right ranges of equipment, in relation to the performance requirements.

We collaborate with top companies in the field of information security.

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HTSS provides you with a complete portfolio of software solutions for your healthcare business.

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