What is a document management system?

Document management is the use of a computer system or software to capture, store and retrieve data and information in digital format. Document management is also how the organization manages this process. It also includes document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, output systems, and information retrieval systems. Digital versions of documents are usually saved as PDF files, word processing files or images of physical documents. 

A document management system is beneficial to an organization because it improves its efficiency in terms of workflows, productivity, and overall business efficiency

What is a document management system?

Without repeating what has been described above, a document management system is, in its most basic form, a simple means of digitizing previously paper-based processes and creating visibility over manual workflows. 

A typical document management system will include several features: 

Search functions

Electronic document management software should have a search function that allows information to be found quickly. Files can be found instantly as documents (including image-based documents) are scanned, and tags are taken into account to define files more clearly. 


Data security is a key issue in document management and any solution should come with the necessary measures to help secure it.

Version control

In electronic document management, this refers to maintaining a documented history of a file throughout its lifecycle. Where documents have been collaborated on, revised or approved, each version of the document will be retained in case it is necessary to revert to a previous form of a file. Stakeholders may also be notified when changes have been made.


Access control and other security protocols, such as encryption, also play an important role in helping organizations achieve compliance with data standards, especially those relating to personally identifiable information (PII) – so sensitive for certain industries, such as the finance and healthcare industries.  


A quality document management system should have a user-friendly interface that integrates with existing applications. SharePoint, for example, is a document management system developed by Microsoft that integrates with the Office suite and allows users to interact and collaborate on documents across platforms via the cloud. 

A document management system is essential for a modern company to effectively index, store and manage data. As the volumes of data within a company grow, it becomes imperative that organizations use this data effectively through intelligent document management. 

If your company is still using paper-based processes for documentation and is in need of modernization, choose a technology provider, like htss, that can help you with the development and installation of document management software.

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