Ep. 2 #TechTalks podcast: Modern trends in mobile applications development with Martin Hrášek & Marian Ciubuc

Welcome to the second episode of htss Tech Talks! In this engaging conversation, your host, Martin Hrasek, is joined by Marian Ciubuc, Head of Mobile Development and User Experience. Together, they dive into the world of mobile development, discussing trends in 2023 and how mobile technology can be leveraged in the healthcare industry.

The episode kicks off with a deep dive into the selection of technology frameworks for mobile development. Marian provides valuable insights into choosing between native and cross-platform frameworks, including React Native, Flutter, and Ionic, based on specific application needs and performance requirements.

They explore the potential of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and their limitations in mobile development. While PWAs offer versatility, they may not be suitable for every scenario, and Marian sheds light on when to opt for native or cross-platform solutions.

The conversation then shifts gears to the exciting intersection of mobile development and emerging technologies like AI and augmented reality (AR). Marian discusses the pivotal role AI plays in enhancing mobile applications, from voice assistants to content personalization and medical image analysis. He highlights the potential of AR in gaming, virtual try-ons, language translation, and its transformative impact on healthcare, especially in simulations, surgical training, and patient engagement.
The duo also explores the integration of IoT devices in healthcare, emphasizing how these devices can facilitate remote monitoring, diagnostics, and treatment. They stress the importance of proactive healthcare and how IoT-enabled devices can play a pivotal role in preventive care.

As the episode wraps up, Martin and Marian contemplate the future of mobile development and its profound impact on healthcare and other industries. The possibilities are limitless, and their insightful discussion provides a glimpse into the exciting tech landscape of 2023.
Tune in to htss Tech Talks for more thought-provoking conversations on technology and its ever-evolving role in our lives!

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