Innovative vending machines for pharmacies, integrated with pharmaceutical robots and retail sales applications.

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Why PharmaShop24?

With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing vending machines, PharmaShop24 stands out for its adaptability to new technologies and the evolving market demands. Since entering the pharmacy market in 2008, PharmaShop24 has become a national and international leader in the field.

Since June 2020, htss has become the exclusive dealer for PharmaShop24 vending machines in Romania, with installations already in Târgu-Mureș, Focșani, Satu Mare, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Galați.

The diverse range of models, equipped with modern technologies (touchscreen, card readers, contactless devices, mobile purchasing, etc.), transforms these vending machines into an easy-to-manage and user-friendly solution for both owners and consumers.

PharmaShop24 has evolved from a simple distributor to an interactive showcase, directly connected to pharmaceutical robots. Offering advanced communicative and promotional features, these vending machines are the ideal solution for maximizing your business.

Advantages of using a PharmaShop24 vending machine

  • It’s a real shop open 24h/7 and it doesn’t require a pharmacist to run it. It allows to extend the service offered to customers by assuring the availability of products during the closing time;
  • It can be installed: outside the pharmacy, in the shop window, in supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls, hospitals, airports, railway stations etc.;
  • It offers discretion for those customers who prefer to buy products in privacy;
  • The machines are especially designed for pharmacies/drugstores, the products stored inside are protected against weather factors, with a cooling system against excessive heat and an anti UV filter against direct sun light
  • Fast, practical and versatile width, and height adjustment of product line arrangements
  • Designed to perfectly match pharmacy and shop-front, with a range of possible colors, sizes and custom branding;
  • PharmaShop24 offers a wide range of models, designed around Pharmacies’ specific needs;
  • Through the dedicated web application, PharmaShop24 offers advanced real-time telemetric updates on sales performance, stock and coinage depletion and faults and anomalies;
  • The only distributor that allows to sell both products deriving from robots and those loaded directly into the machine.
  • Integration module with the retail application.

Modular System: Pass & Safebox, Interactive Module, Additional Physical Showcase

PharmaShop24 boasts a modular system combining two or more display windows with a column module.


  • Greater stock and display capacities;
  • Greater product offer, displayed by categories for better visibility and brand recognition;
  • Optimization electronics and payment systems costs;
  • Single-solution enhanced customer services.

What are the steps to start the installation procedure?

1. Sign a contract setting out the terms of payment, delivery, and installation: a 30% deposit when the order is placed with the manufacturer in Italy, 70% when the appliance is delivered to the chosen location. The device with the custom configuration is commissioned at the time of payment of the deposit and is delivered/ installed/configured within a maximum of 120 days from payment of the deposit;

2.Payment of the deposit to confirm the order;

3. Making an initial planogram of the products to be included in the device, in collaboration with htss representatives. This planogram will be set both in the machine and in the online monitoring application and can be changed later when it is decided to change the range of products sold.

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Examples of installations in Romania

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