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What is patient portal?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the way patients access healthcare needs to transform and evolve to meet all their needs. The patient portal software solution enables doctors to do their work efficiently and safely, for both patients and doctors.

Patient portal is a software designed to provide all the facilities needed to provide telemedicine services for clinics or private practices. The app connects patients with specialists through audio and video calls, stores and facilitates access to medical records, and enables the user to manage the activity of a medical practice. 

With your patients, by their side, anywhere, anytime

Patient portal is an effective way to increase the efficiency of the healthcare services that your patients receive. The app can be accessed from phones, tablets or laptops, allowing patients to access healthcare services with more flexibility, and eliminating time and distance constraints. 

The solution also provides the doctor with the infrastructure needed to issue prescriptions and schedule other medical services immediately after the consultation, allowing the patient to choose the shortest and most efficient path from diagnosis to treatment.

Remote monitoring

Constant monitoring of health developments is an important part of medical practice. Patient portal allows doctors to determine which vital parameters require monitoring and how often they should be submitted by the patient. The software can also send notifications and alerts to ensure that the parameters set by the doctor are recorded as often as the doctor requested.

The integration of self-monitoring devices into the patient portal app provides an overview of how the health status of the patients evolves and allows specialists to provide real-time recommendations. This in turn means better compliance with the treatment, fewer appointments, fewer emergency visits due to unforeseen problems, and better patient outcomes overall.

Optimize your clinic’s activity

Patient portal is a software solution that is not limited to facilitating the communication between patients and doctors. The solution integrates the relationship you have with your patients with a range of tools that help you get an overview of the services that were provided and of the resources that were used. Patient portal generates statistis on doctor performance, manages appointment time, and provides accounting information, electronic bills and information on the patient’s history.

In addition, patient portal allows patients to leave reviews for the doctors who treated them, so that their activity can be assessed and improved by the clinic. Reviews are moderated by an administrator and can be tracked by the clinic as statistics.

It offers all the necessary facilities to carry out telemedicine services for private clinics or doctors.

It allows doctors to carry out their practice in an efficient and safe way, both for them and their patients.

Increase the efficiency of the care your patients receive.

Provides the doctor with the necessary infrastructure for issuing prescriptions and scheduling other medical services immediately after consultation.

Constantly monitors the evolution of patients’ health.

Manages scheduling time and provides accounting information.

It allows patients to leave reviews to the doctors they have interacted with so that their work can be evaluated and improved by the clinic.

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