An e-learning platform tailored to your needs

mindclass is a modern e-learning platform designed specifically for organizations that value the personal development of their members, through continuous learning and training. 

mindclass simplifies the learning process by providing you with the option to create employee accounts in a few minutes, while also enabling you to import the necessary information directly from the management software that you are already using. 

As soon as members of your organization have access to the platform, they can start using the educational materials uploaded by you or access an entire library of materials prepared by our specialized partners.

Evaluates team learning in real-time

mindclass allows you to create quizzes to assess the knowledge assimilated by the members of your organization and reward them based on their results. 

The e-learning platform also allows you to assign other relevant courses to your team, depending on their skills, knowledge level and personal learning pace. 

Accessible anywhere, anytime

mindclass can be accessed from any device with internet access, allowing people in your organization to take courses on the platform and interact with other learners and teachers, wherever they are. 


Top-notch educational materials

The mindclass app provides access to an extensive network of partners who can provide courses and workshops dedicated to your business needs. The platform integrates modern tools and materials to train your employees: e-learning courses (SCORM, H5P, games), video and audio files, and interactive courses.

All benefits in one solution

Create accounts for team members in just a few minutes.

Access to materials provided by our specialized partners.

Evaluate the team’s learning process in real time.

Access mindclass from any device with internet access.

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