Charting Today and Tomorrow at Romanian Day: The Innovation Journey of htss at the Embassy of Romania in Vienna

We’re honored to have been a part of the vibrant celebration at the Embassy of Romania in Vienna during the “Romanian Day.” This event, aimed at promoting technological achievements and fostering cross-border collaboration, brought together industry leaders, government representatives, and potential collaborators from Romania and Austria. This event marked a significant moment for us, providing a platform to highlight our commitment to innovation and collaboration.

Key Highlights

Panel Participants

Distinguished guests, including Simona Pavelescu, CEO of htss, Thomas Mara from VIG IT Digital in Vienna, lawyers Christina Stihhi and Gabriel Biriș, Austrian lawyer Markus Piuk, partner at Schoenherr, Werner Braun from the German Language Economic Club in Brașov, Corneliu-Teofil Teaha, Valentin-Norbert Tăruș from Pharmaceutica Remedia, Dan Taropa from Lingemann in Brașov, Daniel Krzanovic of Lenara Group, Dominik Tengg from smart technologies in Vienna, and Dragoș-Cristian Vlad, President of the Romanian Authority for Digitalization, actively participated in discussions, contributing to a rich exchange of ideas.

Vision and Commitment

Our CEO, Simona Pavelescu articulated our company’s vision and unwavering commitment to creating impactful software for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The emphasis on the common good and placing patients, doctors, and pharmacists at the core of our technological innovations was a key highlight.

Video Summary

Experience the essence of our participation in the “Romanian Day” through a captivating video summary. Witness the dynamic discussions, the camaraderie, and the insightful moments that defined our presence at this prestigious event.

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