Seti Impex is an important pharmaceutical chain operating in Prahova County.

The main objective is to offer customers the highest quality services and to treat with respect their individual rights. Offering a wide range of products, services and professional advice, Seti pharmacies make a significant contribution to the quality of life of customers.

The challenge

From the very beginning, the company’s management wanted a fully integrated system that would order the processes of the activities carried out. Their desire to have control over the business and to be able to offer quality services to all patients led them to the DataKlas solution and, implicitly, to the HTSS team.

Why DataKlas

DataKlas is a software solution developed by HTSS, designed to track and plan the services provided in the pharmaceutical field. The application allows the configuration of commercial policies, the analysis at chain level and the management of the daily activity of the pharmacies, with all the necessary work processes.

By integrating the Pharmaceutical, Financial and Business Intelligence modules, DataKlas made possible the implementation of all processes, the centralization of activity management – general settings, but also of nomenclatures, offering the following functionalities:

  • Order suggestion, order operation and issuing reports
  • Registration of electronic invoices
  • Operation of receipts
  • Head Office module that offers total managerial control over work points
  • Unique nomenclature at the chain level – products, suppliers, customers – hierarchically structured
  • The way of commercial policies – policies of discounts, discounts and promotions
  • Actions for improvement the client fidelity
  • Operational reporting
  • Product quality control
  • Auditing user activity
  • Building the platform and integrating the latest technologies
  • Integration of DataKlas solutions in a single platform
  • Real support 24h / 7 days
  • It allows the processing of a large amount of data that helps to identify, develop and create new strategic opportunities

“We implemented the DataKlas Pharmaceutical application offered by HTSS at the beginning of 2014, being the third application I use for the purpose of stock management and configuration, but also for the daily activity of pharmacies. It is the first application that does not give stock errors, allows almost anything in front of the module of commercial policies – policies of discounts, discounts and promotions, and the operational reporting part is vast. I recommend the simultaneous use of DataKlas Financial and Business Intelligence applications for a complete accounting and operational reporting. The only difficulties encountered were in terms of implementing the application, but I know that progress has been made in this regard.

Possible infrastructure investments are needed for better operation. The support part is OK, from this point of view no one is perfect – I tell you from my own experience”, said Mr. Gaman Angelo – Manager, Seti Impex


All processes take place in a single DataKlas application, the services being offered by a single provider – HTSS

Generating operational reports and decisional managerial reports

Operational efficiency through the use of relevant information, with high accuracy

Reduced operating costs (TCO) through efficient use of technology, elimination of redundancy and operational barriers

The primary documents resulting from the pharmacy activity are automatically stored in the accounting, with corresponding accounting notes

Maintenance of the patient database and loyalty cards

Registration of medical documents: compensated and free prescriptions, uncompensated prescriptions, etc.

Import of nomenclatures from CANAMED and MEDEX

Real-time reporting of services to the Single Integrated Information System (SIUI)

Downloading the statement and the electronic invoice in relation to the Health Insurance House