About Anima

Anima welcomes all those concerned to have a healthy life, bringing on the Romanian market the concept of medical care “close to you”. The soul recognizes the value that individuality, diversity and care for the health of those close to it bring.

The mission of Anima clinics is to increase the competitiveness of medical services in Romania by adapting them to the needs of each patient.

The vision of Anima clinics is to ensure the accessibility of medical services to both those who understand the importance of a healthy life and those who neglect it.
Anima services are addressed to both individuals and companies concerned with employee health.

The challenge

The desire to consolidate the information and activities of the clinic in a unitary software, the better control over the resources and the clear evidence of the costs and services registered at any level led to the implementation of the integrated solution offered by HTSS – DataKlas Medical. At the management level, it was necessary to improve the analysis and perception on the data, a need that generated the implementation of an ERP system integrated with a BI solution.

Why DataKlas Medical

DataKlas Medical is an application developed by HTSS designed to track and record the activity of family doctors / specialists, as well as archiving medical and statistical data related to patients.

Features offered by the DataKlas Medical application:

  • Possibility to audit the activity of doctors
  • Integration of the database with patients from family doctors with the database with patients from specialist doctors
  • Operational efficiency
  • 24/7 online support
  • Tracking and centralizing activities – easily generating / managing synthesis reports
  • Increased agility and scalability

“The HTSS team proposed a complete software solution, vital in the management of our clinics. The solution was applied in order to track and record the activities of family doctors and specialists, but also to generate reports of synthesis and audit of activities, all being done with great ease. DataKlas Medical is exactly the solution I needed, which is why we recommend it with confidence! ”, Said Mr. Cristian SAS – Chief Executive Officer, Clinica Anima


Management of the activity in all family and specialized doctors’ offices

Unit management of all patients in the clinic, in a single database, thus reducing maintenance costs

Electronic signing and online validation of consultations, with automatic verification of the quality of the insured

Online reporting of services settled by health insurance companies

Issuance of medical documents: electronic prescriptions, referral tickets to paraclinical specialties, referral tickets to clinical or hospitalization specialties, medical leave certificates, medical certificates, etc.

Downloading the statement and issuing electronic online settlement invoices to the health insurance companies

Generating operational and managerial reports through “Business intelligence” technology

Integration of all components in a single platform, updated automatically, continuously and on time, with all legislative changes

Real-time specialized technical assistance, with a high degree of professionalism