About Amethyst

New to the oncology medical services market, the Amethyst concept was developed to create a network of centers that provide cancer patients access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Amethyst is a dedicated partner in providing a wide range of personalized clinical services based on the needs of each cancer patient. Treatment decisions are made in a medical committee that brings together Amethyst radiotherapists, the patient’s treating specialists, and other collaborating physicians, depending on the complexity of the case.

The challenge

The need to build an IT system that unites the Amethyst Radiotherapy Centers in terms of information, medical and oncological protocols, monitoring the evolution of treatment schemes and treatment results has generated the need to implement the integrated solution offered by HTSS – DataKlas Medical.

Why DataKlas Medical

DataKlas Medical is an application developed by HTSS for tracking and planning services provided in the medical field. Through DataKlas Medical it is possible to implement processes, report to CAS, as well as online verifications with the Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI) and with the Electronic Prescription Information System (SIPE). The Amethyst radiotherapy center has chosen to use the software solution offered by HTSS, benefiting from the following functionalities:

  • Database maintenance with patients
  • Platform built especially for treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but also for other investigations such as: CT (computer tomography), medical imaging, integration with irradiation systems and treatments
  • Implementation of medical and oncological protocols and registration, in a special framework, of the application and evolution of treatments
  • Quality of applied treatments (quality control)
  • Possibility to audit the activity of doctors
  • Integration of the database with patients from family doctors with the database with patients from specialist doctors
  • Treatment adherence optimization (history, notifications)
  • 24/7 online support

“After the implementation of the DataKlas Medical solution, things changed radically. Prior to implementing the product offered by HTSS, we were unable to accurately manage the reporting of SIUI services, tracking treatments and outcomes on patients, reporting them in real time, monthly financial statements and billing to the health insurance company.

Now things are completely different: our activity is carried out in a standard and unitary way, traceable in all stages of treatment, without using in any way any other communication tool. At the same time, the application allows us to follow these activities by management. Following the collaboration, we are satisfied with the services offered by HTSS and we recommend them with all the warmth and confidence! “, declared Mr. Dr. Casian Ciprian – General Manager, Amethyst Radiotherapy Center


Patient electronic file

Obtaining operational reports

Electronic signing and online validation of consultations, with automatic verification of the quality of the insured

Electronic file

Insurance card

Generating KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Downloading the statement and the electronic invoice

Studies resulting from the treatment scheme

Tumor Board – the way that allows the simultaneous analysis of several patients by a commission of doctors from several specializations

Workflow – messaging and task system, configurable from one location to another, which ensures internal patient tracking

Integral introduction into the system of treatment schemes and monitoring of administration cycles

Real-time reporting of services to the Single Integrated Information System (SIUI)