NIS Directive: Everything You Need to Know About Law 362 of 2018 

Protecting networks and information is essential for organizations of all sizes. The NIS Directive and Law 362 of 2018 are the legal cornerstones of cybersecurity in Romania. In this article, we will delve deep into the NIS Directive and Law 362, providing you with everything you need to know about them to ensure that your organization is compliant and protected against cyber threats. 

What is the NIS Directive? 

The NIS Directive, or the Directive on security of network and information systems, is a legislative act of the European Union adopted in 2016, aiming to improve the level of cybersecurity across member states. Implemented in Romania through Law 362 of 2018, the NIS Directive imposes strict requirements on enterprises in essential sectors and digital service providers, focusing on preventing and managing cyber incidents. 

The NIS Directive represents a significant step towards consolidating cybersecurity across Europe, with its main objective being to ensure a high level of security for networks and information in all member states. 

Law 362 of 2018: Implementing the NIS Directives in Romania 

Law 362 of 2018 transposes the provisions of the NIS Directives into national legislation and sets out the requirements and obligations for operators of essential services and digital service providers. This regulatory act defines essential sectors and establishes the necessary measures to ensure cybersecurity in these sectors. 

Implementing Law 362 is a complex process, involving the evaluation and improvement of IT infrastructure and cybersecurity processes, as well as the development of incident management plans and capacity to respond to cyber threats. 

Compliance with the NIS Directive and Law 362: What You Need to Know 

For organizations in Romania, compliance with the requirements imposed by the NIS Directive and Law 362 is crucial not only from a legal perspective but also from the standpoint of cybersecurity and protecting the reputation and digital assets. 

Ensure that your organization is compliant with the NIS Directive and Law 362 by: 

Assessing and improving cybersecurity

Conduct regular audits of IT infrastructure and implement appropriate security measures to protect your organization’s networks and data. 

Developing incident management plans

Establish clear and efficient procedures for managing cyber incidents, including identification, reporting, and remediation in a timely and efficient manner. 

Employee training

Ensure that employees are aware of cyber risks and are prepared to act in the event of an incident by providing adequate training and instruction in cybersecurity. 

Compliance with the requirements imposed by the NIS Directive and Law 362 is essential for protecting networks and information in the digital age. Ensure that your organization is prepared to address cyber threats and comply with current legislation to avoid the negative consequences associated with cybersecurity breaches. 

In today’s digitally connected world, protecting networks and company data is fundamental. Our consultancy services help organizations comply with NIS regulations, assisting them in strengthening their digital assets against cyber threats and ensuring resilience. From conducting comprehensive security assessments to implementing proactive threat detection and response strategies, we offer personalized services designed to address the unique security challenges faced by organizations. 

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