#htss.people.stories: Emilia Vișan, HR Consultant – 5 years in htss from the employee experience perspective and the story behind

5 years since I joined htss.
I can still remember my manager’s voice telling me when I called to accept the offer: “I know when you are starting, I don`t know for how long you are going to stay, but it is enough for me now.”
Time flows by so quickly and it feels like yesterday that I had my first day at the office and I was wondering for how long I was going to stay.
This is the longest job for me and oh what a ride it has been until now :)!
I don`t talk about my own professional experience so often but today I am having a good day and feeling a little bit emotional so I decided to sit down and start writing from the bottom of my heart.
It seems that I had found a place that offers me the possibility to do “my thing”, to get involved in projects that are very impactful within the company, to have a voice, and to be heard all at the same time.

At the end of the day, all of these offer me fulfillment and give me the power to keep going.
In any job, there are ups and downs, but what makes the difference from my point of view is the trust that people have in you and in turn you have in them, and also the support that comes along with having this type of relationship.
During these years I have laughed, cried, celebrated, partied, jumped through hoops, and climbed the mountains but most important I feel that I have made friends that hopefully will last for a lifetime.
htss may not be perfect, but I guess I have a different way of seeing perfection in the imperfection and loving it more because it is different and there are still things to do, to improve, opportunities to learn, and ultimately grow along them.
For that, I am grateful to be part of the journey, to see firsthand how it is constantly transforming, improving, finding its voice and place in the market, and to be one of the persons that actively contribute to all of that. I think this is the best way, to sum up how these 5 years were for me.

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