Ep. 3 #TechTalks podcast: Challenges of company movement from project to product mindset

We are happy to release the third episode of our htss Tech Talks! Today, we’re delighted to have as our guest Jan Klat, Head of Product Technology at Dr. Max Group. The discussion between Martin Hrasek, Head of DevOps at htss and our guest focuses on the transition from a project-focused company to a product-focused company, a change that Jan’s team has successfully navigated.

Why the shift to product focus?

During the discussion Jan shares how the need for ownership and closer collaboration between teams prompted this change. Instead of just providing solutions, they aimed to create a more integrated and cohesive approach where everyone feels connected to the product.

Time to market and scalability

In a fast-paced industry like pharma and e-commerce, speed to market is crucial. Jan stresses the importance of being adaptable and continually seeking better solutions to meet evolving business needs.

Adopting microservices

Jan mentions moving to microservices to increase flexibility and scale. She recognizes the need to align her technology stack with company growth.

Moving from project orientation to product orientation requires adaptability, transparency and a mindset focused on delivering value. Every organization’s journey is unique, and while there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Jan’s experiences provide valuable insights for those considering a similar transformation.

Stay tuned for more exciting tech discussions in future episodes of htss Tech Talks! #TechTalks

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