Ep.4 #TechTalks podcast: Why and how to break monolith into the microservices

Our htss #TechTalks podcast is back with its fourth episode, bringing you a compelling discussion on one of the hottest topics in the tech world: the transition from monolithic to microservice architecture.
This episode, the discussion between Martin Hrasek, Head of DevOps at htss and our guest, Pavel Skoda, Ecommerce Solution Architect from Dr.Max features a deep dive into the intricacies of this architectural shift. Pavel brings his extensive experience and insights from implementing these transitions in major companies, shedding light on the true essence behind choosing microservices and their impact beyond the buzzwords.

Understanding the Core Reasons

Pavel breaks down the primary motivations behind migrating to microservices, emphasizing the need to distribute responsibilities among product teams and minimize communication hurdles.

Navigating the Complexity

Explore the challenges and benefits associated with adopting microservices, particularly in a remote work landscape post-COVID, and the balance between reducing dependencies while fostering collaboration.

Misconceptions & Nuances

Debunking myths around microservices, Pavel shares insights into the diverse approaches, scalability, and the necessity of clear ownership within teams.

Quality Assurance & Development

Delve into the evolving landscape of quality standards, testing protocols, and when to integrate these aspects into the development lifecycle for optimal efficiency.

This engaging discussion offers practical advice and thought-provoking insights for tech enthusiasts, developers, and businesses navigating the complex realm of microservices and architectural transitions.

Stay tuned for more exciting tech discussions in future episodes of htss Tech Talks! #TechTalks

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