shiftin – automatic work shift scheduling software for your staff, ready to serve today’s modern workforce.

shiftin can be accessed from mobile and desktop and is the only application that your business needs to automatically schedule employees, depending on your performance objectives.

Through shiftin functionalities, users can easily:

  • create and manage optimal shifts;
  • get real time solutions in case of unforeseen situations.

Smart and quick scheduling for your teams 

By using shiftin, shift scheduling is no longer chaotic. 

Every team member is aligned with the same working model and they collaborate. 

With shiftin you reduce scheduling-related costs by up to 72%, every year. The scheduling process is now 100% hands-free and automated and it’s done by compiling a wide spectrum of data. 

The broad library of rules, scalable to any type of business or labor regulation, is yet another powerful feature that your business can benefit from. 

Moreover, 9 out of 10 employees reported that they are satisfied with their work schedule. And that is because, through the mobile app, they can specify work time preferences, request days off, switch shifts with other team members, and, of course, check their schedule anytime, anywhere.

All benefits in one solution

Create and manage optimal work shifts

Get real-time solutions for unforeseen situations.

Save by up to 72% the costs associated with the team planning process.

Access shiftin from your desktop or mobile.

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