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omnimedica – medical software tailored to your needs

Based on the needs of individual practitioners, clinics, or hospitals, HTSS has created omnimedica, an easy-to-use software solution, by implementing custom templates and workflows. The app gives the users extensive control over how specialists and resources are used while providing medical care to your patients. 

With the omnimedica app you can efficiently and quickly manage all the challenges related to personnel, performance, quality of care, how the resources of your practices, clinics or hospitals are used, as well as the performance of your teams.

Software for an ever-changing field

Centralizes information

omnimedica is ideal for managing internal and external flows and medical procedures as well as for the measurement activity, specific to the medical management field. It coordinates the work of specialists having different specializations and assigns medical and administrative tasks automatically.

Optimizes costs

The omnimedica app allows you to consult specific KPIs, assess your own performance and identify solutions that can be implemented to address any potential challenges. This software solution can be tailored to the size of your business, providing reports that give an overview of the activity of one or more practices, clinics, or hospitals.

Optimizes your business workflow

Streamlining the resources used in the medical practice and in the day-to-day management is fundamental to the success of your business. omnimedica, a software solution for the medical field developed by HTSS, is a tool that allows you to optimize your workflow by collecting information from your clinic, checking the revenue cycle and performing medical procedures in a predefined manner. 

The data collected by our solution allows you to reduce the number of errors and improve medical care and management, reduce the costs of your activity, while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.

One of the main objectives of medical is to optimize workflows by reducing the time needed to perform current tasks. The software allows you to automatically assign tasks to the members of various teams and adopt a synergistic approach, facilitating cooperation between specialists from different fields, psychotherapists and administrative staff to provide patients with the treatments they need.

Accessibility and security of patient information 

Patient care is the foundation on which any individual practice, clinic, or hospital builds to become a successful business. omnimedica allows you to standardize the way healthcare is delivered, track patient progress and collect, analyze, and transmit patient data to other specialists in a secure way.

The omnimedica software solution provides you with access to your patients’ medical history, which contains information that indicates the evolution of their health status throughout your collaboration. Patient information is stored securely and can be easily accessed by users through the web portal.

All facilities in one solution

Efficiently and quickly manages all the challenges of the medical business.

Track specific KPIs for performance evaluation and solution identification.

It streamlines the resources used in medical practice and in day-to-day management.

Optimizes workflows by reducing the time required to perform current tasks.

Standardizes the way the medical act is performed.

It monitors the evolution of patients, collects, analyzes and transmits their data to other specialists in a secure way.

Stores patient information securely for easy access by application users.

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