#htss.people.stories: Mihai Secara, Software Architect, htss Academy – Fostering Ownership and Commitment for Long-Term Success in Our Organization

htss Academy has been a great resource in developing talent and promoting growth within our company. It all started in 2014 with our first internship programme, which involved a small group of six people. From that first stage, three individuals performed outstandingly well and had a strong desire to evolve and grow, so they subsequently joined our company permanently, one of them being our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the other two filling software architect roles.

Since then, it has become a tradition to run an annual internship program, where we have groups of 10 to 15 participants and the retention rate is 80%, and this makes us very proud. The selection of technologies for each programme is tailored to the specific needs of our company. This ensures that interns receive comprehensive training in the technologies and frameworks actively used within our organization, facilitating smooth integration into dedicated teams on each type of project.

The htss Academy runs for one month, during which we offer an intensive series of courses and practical workshops. This immersive experience provides interns with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle real challenges that may arise later in their IT careers. At the end of the programme, participants are assessed by a rigorous test and then assigned to teams based on their strengths and preferences.
What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to the growth and development of each internship. Each intern benefits from a dedicated mentor, who acts as both a guide and a consultant throughout an entire year. The mentor ensures that the intern follows a personalized learning path, providing support, feedback and guidance throughout the mentorship program.

htss Academy is not simply an internship program with the goal of improving the technical skills of the participants, but rather a mentorship program that cultivates a sense of ownership and commitment to their long-term success within our organization.

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