We proudly announce our partnership with Banca Transilvania!

Since the emergence of COVID-19, telemedicine applications have been given the green light to operate in Romania.

We, High-Tech System & Software, have been ready to help clinics to quickly implement our telemedicine application DataKlas eMedical, developed and implemented two years ago for medical units in the UK.

Now, we are proud to announce that we have started the partnership with Banca Transilvania, developed for the community Divizia Pentru Medici (Division for Physicians).

The story of the Division for Physicians started in 2007 and is an initiative of Banca Transilvania, supported by the Romanian College of Physicians. Now, 33% of Romanian physicians have an account with Banca Transilvania.

High-Tech System & Software in partnership with Banca Transilvania proposes two packages for medical practices and clinics that want to continue their activity and offer remote medical assistance as follows:                       

Smart Package for medical practices

Professional Package for medical clinics

This partnership comes along with several advantages including:

  • Dedicated packages and services depending on the business
  • DataKlas eMedical telemedicine solution comes ready integrated with BT Pay payment processor
  • We offer both technical support for the application and banking assistance.

High-Tech System & Software continues to support physician entrepreneurs and medical clinics with personal or professional projects by providing a complete solution!

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